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Your personal Dashboard

Create a new tender in your personal dashboard and set up your own rules. Other project members (even those without a licence) can participate in your tender through their own personal dashboard.

Invite and add

Select stakeholders from your own- or an external organization and add them to the tender. Once they are added to the tender you are able to collaborate online. Divide tasks, create a planning and allocate rights and responsibilities. It is easy and often more pleasurable to set up a tender together.

Determine options and settings

Work together preparing questions and think about weights and evaluation methods. Determine which documents you will provide but also which documents you wish to receive. Think about the most appropriate pricing model for your specific tender and set it up online.

Public or private

You can add suppliers personally or you can make the tender accessible for every supplier by publishing it. Suppliers will have online access to all surveys and questionnaires established by you and your team. They can now answer questions, fill out your pricing sheet(s) and upload the required documents.

Structured evaluation

Evaluate the answers on "open questions" and documents by yourself or in a team. Finally the total weighted quality and the quoted prices per supplier will be clearly presented to you. The "best buy" will be clearly shown!

Contract management


Manage your contracts online

Contracts can be the result of a tender held in Negometrix or they can
be imported directly into the system. You are able to connect the
person who is responsible to a contract. This person can be someone from your own organization, but also from the suppliers side.
Set alerts, manage contract documents, evaluate and link relevant data.
Everyone has immediate and constant access to their relevant data.

Dynamic purchasing & qualification system

Design yourself

Create your own dynamic purchasing and qualification system where suppliers can sign up continuously to your own created criteria. 

Automatic selection

Suppliers that meet your requirements are selected and added directly to your approved supplier-groups (framework contracts).

Specific assignment

Next, you will be able to select an appropriate supplier for your specific assignment through a mini tender.

Mini tender

After making a first selection of suppliers (from a long list to a short list) that meet your minimum requirements, you can set up a so called "mini tender" where the approved (short list) suppliers can be invited to submit an offer for a specific product or service.

Based on the submitted price and on the weighted quality score the best supplier will be selected.




After a thorough selection process suppliers that meet the minimum requirements will be invited to the e-auction. In a real-time bidding process suppliers can lower their bids in a on-line competition.

The parameters for the E-auction can be set by the buyer. Negometrix auction experts can support the buyer in this process.

An auction can take place both on lowest price or price and quality.

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