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Negometrix acquires first EUPLAT Accreditation Standard certificate

by Louis Gossieau | Jun 16, 2016

Recently Negometrix successfully completed the certification trajectory according the new EUPLAT Accreditation Standard and was awarded the corresponding certificate by Bureau Veritas Certification. This certification standard has been developed in 2015 by the European Association of Public e-Tendering Platform Providers (EUPLAT) (see also

This initiative relates to the EU Directive 2014/24/EU and fits in the Europe 2020 strategy which aims at tangible, sustainable economic growth in a wider European perspective. An essential aspect of this strategy focuses on stimulating and creating requirements related to an efficient, transparent cross-border and standardized approach of public tenders and underlying processes. Within this particular context e-tendering has acquired a prominent and increasingly important position.

EUPLAT Accreditation Standard

The new standard developed by EUPLAT covers a three-year certification cycle and allows participating organizations to be submitted to non-physical audits conducted off site (remote auditing).

The EUPLAT Accreditation Standard includes robust requirements and subsequent assessment criteria regarding compliance with legislation, transparency regarding services and user-friendly handling of e-tendering platforms besides privacy and information security.

Negometrix, located in the city of Utrecht (The Netherlands), can be considered as one of the front runners with regard to the next level of professionalism and facilitation of e-tendering. This explains the ambition of Negometrix to be the first officially certified e-tendering platform provider according the afore mentioned standard.

Offering its e-tendering platform and additional services, Negometrix is to be perceived as a matchmaker between suppliers and tendering parties, including both hospitals, universities, city councils, provincial authorities and organizations within the business community.

The services focus on supporting and facilitating procurement processes and the development of value chains among potential business partners. Besides being active via the Dutch branch, Negometrix supplies services throughout Europe, including and notably via Bulgaria. The organization did put a lot of effort in the preparation of the successfully executed certification audit and made good use of its solid management system structure according ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 27001 (information security). For more information on Negometrix go to