Features & benefits

things Negometrix has to offer.


Our e-tendering software offers a complete and user-friendly tool box supporting the entire tactical procurement process.

Web based tenders can be as simple or as extensive as needed. Basic repetitive projects as well as more complex purchasing decisions can be prepared, executed and awarded. Invite and cooperate with all stakeholders during the process. Assign responsibilities and appropriate user rights. Stakeholders can be colleagues but may equally be users from other organisations, such as co-buyers from other companies or external consultants.

Define (cooperatively) weighed nice-to-have and must-have criteria, set up a planning and prepare documents, then allow suppliers to your tender.

After the offer phase you will instantly see the orderly structured offers on your screen, leading to a clear view of the completeness of all offers. Choose which suppliers are to be put through to a more advanced and deeper evaluation or choose the best-buy supplier based on price and quality criteria. Once awarded you can file the tender to the online archive or you can save it offline with an export to your own PC/desktop hard drive.

The extensive knowledge applied into your tenders can be easily saved as templates. These templates can be (re)used in new tenders, saving time and leading to more standardized workflows and efficiency.