Features & benefits

things Negometrix has to offer.


After a complete evaluation of offers, qualified suppliers can be invited to an E-auction.

In a real time web based bidding process, suppliers can sharpen their offers to reach the highest rank in the auction and become "best buy". Since the year 2000, Negometrix has been the leading auction supplier having auctioned tens of billions of euro's worth of procurements needs for both the public as well as the private sector.

The buyer defines the settings of the auction, often together with one of the Negometrix auction specialists. An auction can be held based on price only, but more often using a "best buy" calculation formula taking both price and quality into account. This may sound complex, but our software makes it easy and clear to understand for all participants. This explains our excellent track-record in this specific segment.


Before the auction, suppliers are individually contacted and trained during on an online test/instruction auction as an E-auction should hold no surprises for participants. Negometrix also uses an "auction statement" to be signed by all participants.