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things Negometrix has to offer.

Contract management

Contracts can be the result of awarded Negometrix tenders or can be registered/entered directly.

Tenders and contracts are commonly using the same input/data. During a tender procedure the requirements of the buyer are entered into the software and then answered by the suppliers, resulting in a contract between the buyer and the awarded supplier. Alternatively, a tender is often built with input from current contracts as a starting point. With Negometrix, both the tender and the contract are available online for all concerned (buyers and suppliers).


Not only can contracts be assigned to the responsible contact manager but also, if necessary, to other users. Contract managers and 'viewers' can be colleagues but also users of the contracted supplier. This feature differentiates Negometrix from other contract management solutions. Using Negometrix contract management creates clarity on where all contracts can be found, who is responsible for which contract, who the contracted suppliers are, when contracts end and what their values are. Set notifications, manage supporting contract documents, evaluate and link all relevant contract data. All users have access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to all contracts relevant within their responsibility. Contract information/data is easily reused to write the next invitation to tender leading to a new tender and contract.